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  1. I want to watch TV shows on my computer because my 51' TV is broken and it won't be fixed till next week

    anyway I was wondering do I need a TV channel receiver, a capture card, and remote control? Can I just get a TV capture card, connect it to my tv-cable thingy and watch it without a channel receiver?

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  2. With a capture card, you could run the video outs into the capture card.

    If you are still using analog cable signals, then you could probably run the cable directly into a capture card with a tuner. You should be able to receive all the non-scrambled channels.
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    I don't know about the remote, but you can probably use a VCR as a tuner from your cable and run the video out and sound to your video in and sound card on your computer. You must be having major video withdrawals. I would just borrow a TV from a friend or buy a cheap portable TV.
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