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    Hi all i have just downloaded a avi file from the net (first time honest) but when i run it through tmpge i get this message at about 7% illegal floating decimal point calculation order. I can't figure this one out i've converted loads of avi file using tmpge before and never seen this i have even tried stripping the audio with virtudub and adding it to the file with no avail any help would be great the properties for the avi are

    video 576 x 320, 24 Bits, 116652 Frames, 23.976 Frames/Sec, 147 KB/Sec, DIVXMPG4 V3

    audio MPEG Layer-3,139 kBit/s, 48,000 Hz, Stereo

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  2. the divx-avi is broken or corrupt at that point....when this error happens in tmpgenc you should write down the number of frames. then open it back up and use source range under advanced to slide past the bad part. you then should be able to encode the rest of the movie (different file name of course). joining and splitting is a different topic. Hope I helped some.
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