For those of you that have had a hard time getting your ATI AIW 128 pro working correctly, I have some good news. I have been trying for almost a year to resolve the audio/video sync problem that a number of us have been experiencing. I was finally able to demux and re-mux the mpeg2 without the audio sync problem.

The AIW card has to have its own IRQ - even on a fast machine (mine is 1.3ghz w/ 1g ram). In Win2K, the only way to do it is to turn off the ACPI and do a repair installation as a 'Standard PC'. There is an obscure reference at the MS site on how to do this. If I can find it again, I will update this post. This saves hours of processing time. Instead of capturing to avi and encoding, you can encode to mpeg2 and use Tmpgenc to convert to SVCD mpeg2.

Also, you're better off if you don't use onboard sound. Use a separate sound card for the hardware buffering.