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  1. "Generating DVD high compatibility borders" seems the last part of burning activity in Nero, since I use the Pioneer DVD-writer DVR-107D. Before I used the NEC ND-1300 DVD-writer. I can't remember such activity then.

    My question: while burning on rewritable dvd-media this "Generating DVD high compatibility borders" takes at least two minutes. Is this normal? I did'nt try DVD+R yet, because the burner is just 2 days in use.
    I'm still testing.

    Tnx already,
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  2. Are you burning less than 1GB ?
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  3. Posted: Jun 06, 2004 07:06
    Are you burning less than 1GB ?

    Yes, I certainly did with testing! Just dragged an arbitrary directory to the burning spot. Is that the reason?

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  4. The latest build of Nero supports the "high compatibility" mode. This was included by the software companies to allow users creating DVDs that they can create them according to the DVD ROM standard. As you may know the minimum data on a pressed DVD is about 1Gb or 30 mm of data. In some DVD drives and players having less data may cause incompatibility issues. The feature allows the users to write the minimum amount of data and the actual user data should not be less than 1Gb or 30mm.
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  5. Tompika, I didn't know that, about minimum amount of data, etc. Before the Pioneer I was using NEC ND-1300 writer without any problems or questions (but never recorded such a minimum of data with testing). I presume that explains the time that Nero takes to write those "high compatibility borders"?

    Because you seem quit well informed I've one other question about hacked firmware and the Pioneer dvr-107D dvd writer. Of course if you know about this writer. Many are going wild for hacked firmware. But is using hacked firmware making the machine work better?

    Tnx for your help,
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  6. Originally Posted by >NIL:
    The hacked fw makes it

    -RPC-1 (Region Free)

    -The official firmware from Pioneer limits the ripping
    speed on video discs. This limitation has been removed.
    12x is only the maximum THEORETICAL speed that the drive
    can achieve, but not the sustained speed you are likely to
    get when ripping. Most DVD's will start ripping around 2x
    to 4x and end up around 8x or 10x. THIS is normal

    -This firmware allows you to select ALL burning speeds on
    ALL media. The official firmware from Pioneer only allows
    a limited set of Pioneer approved media to use these
    specific speeds but this patch removes that limitation. It
    should NOT alter the write strategies for approved media

    Tons of infos here
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  7. Thanks for putting me on the right track!

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