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  1. I converted a VHS tape to MPEG-1 using an ATI AIW 128 PRO card. I used the default setting and the picture was choppy. I read some forums and got that fixed. Now I have a line that runs across the bottom of the movie and I can't get rid of it. I tried using the filters on TMPgenc and also tried using virtual dub filters. None of them got rid of that line. If I watch the VHS tape using the TV option in ATI MMC it looks fine with no lines. I read somewhere that I should download ATI MMC 7.7 or higher. ATI does not give me the option to download anything higher than 7.2. I am running W2K 550MHZ processor with 512MB memory. I have a 80GB HD that is used just for movies. I am trying to get the video from one tape and match it to the audio of another tape. I can use the de-multiplux to split them but the line still stays on the bottom. What is causing this line and how can I get rid of it? See attached sample
    Thanks for any help.
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    This phenomon is called overscan:

    It is caused by the turning of the video heads in a VCR. It is designed so that it supposed to appear offscreen on most TVs. However, if you capture all the video from a VCR, you even capture this phenomenon.

    The solution? Not necessary if the final product is to be viewed on a standard TV, as it will not appear.

    If it has another final destination, Virtual Dub has a Null Transform filter, and TMPGEnc Plus! has a clip frame setting that can crop, i.e., cut off the line at the bottom.
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  3. Thanks. That worked just fine.
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    Again , don't CROP it.., This will mess up the picture....

    Just put a black bar OVER it.....
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