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  1. I was hoping someone might know something about this cause it sure seems weird. I have a dlink 604 and zonealarm installed for security on my machine. I have a small port range forwarded through the firewall for bit torrent so that it works as it should.

    The problem that I just noticed is that when there are no torrents running the ports that I use for bit torrent are constantly getting pinged. I caught this viewing my log file for zonealarm. It looks like they are getting through the firewall on my dlink just fine and are getting blocked by zonealarm. The pings are coming from various ips and Iím getting hit about once every 1 to 2 minutes.

    Iím using bit tornado to connect and am worried to about using it again. If I start any torrents I donít think zonealarm is not going to block those pings after I grant it permission to act as a server.

    I guess my question is if anyone knows if there is spyware involved with bit tornado or if whatever is doing this got router settings when I was using bit torrent and now is always trying to access my machine. Anyone else notice this before or is there reason for concern?
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  2. BitTornado does not contain any 3rd party software.

    You probably should not be concerned, same thing happens with eMule, after you exit, ppl still ping those ports you were on. Maybe the tracker still has you IP, or the other clients are stil trying to connect.

    How long does this pinging go on after you exit BT?
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  3. The last time I had a torrent open and running was probably 3 days ago. Last night I checked zonealarm's log file and the pings were still coming so it had been over 48 hours. I imagine that the tracker with the stuff i was getting was still up and running but I sure wouldn't think that my ip would be available on there still. I guess I don't know exactly if information is saved on there after you exit a tracker. Is this normal or can anyone say for sure that this does not happen to them when using bit torrent?
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  4. 3 days? I'm not really sure if that's normal with BT because I don't use a software firewall. With eMule, I know that would not be uncommon for me, but for BitTorrent that might be a bit much.

    If they're all going to port 6881, then at least you know it's probably not malicious users.
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    With Bit Torrent people still connected to the swarm of the file or files you were getting could still think you are there and be trying to establish a connection. Nothing that unusual really.
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  6. I don't know much about bit torrent, but it sounds like you could set your router up for Port Triggering instead of Port Forwarding to solve your problem.

    What Port Triggering does is if your computer is using a certian outgoing port, the router will open a certian incomming port. Otherwise it will be closed. It is a much more secure way of doing things. That is because other computer can only contact you if you are contacting other computers at the time.

    For a DI604, the screen you need to go to is Advanced>Applications
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