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  1. In winxp home, if you go to Accessories/System Tools/Disc Cleanup in the start menu and choose Drive C: a list will ask you what you wish to clean up. Highlite Temporary Internet Files, and click View Files. This will show you the contents of a folder called 'Content.IE5'. (Note that the path is in the Title Bar). The contents of this folder are never deleted in the cleanup, Ashampoo also does not delete them with its 'Internet cleanup' module.
    After awhile this folder really gets full of crap. I've had up to 70 mb of stuff in there, God knows if the thing even has a limit! And, deleteing the files manually is quite a chore. You have to do it right after a reboot or you get all kinds of 'referenced memory' errors. I have deleted these folders (the 'index.dat' file can't be removed) and have not noticed any differences in internet performance. They are just the usual assortment of .gif and banner stuff you get from every site you visit. And to top things off the damned folders show up (empty, but ready to go again) the next time you go on the internet.
    This stuff is useless and, if I didn't regularly delete it, would really add up after a while.
    Why is this folder so protected? And, how can I get rid of it or disable its function? This thing has almost become an obsession to me. I've even considered going back to Win2k (I never noticed it there).
    I guess if there were more accounts on my computer, everyone would have their own personal bag of crap. At least I'm thankful that isn't happening. I'm a stickler for running a lean mean clean machine and this unnecessary garbage is really bugging me.
    Any suggestions?
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    it is in all versions of win2k and xp and you can mostly empty it from IE in options under the general tab ...

    70meg is nothing .. but in the same place you cleaned i just mentioned -- you can make the folder smaller or remove completly if you want ..
    look under settings there
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  3. Thank you very much.
    If it works, don't fix it.
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  4. Try cleanup. A quick lite free cleanup utility.
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