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  1. I ran across this the other day and thought I would pass it along to those who will be doing a clean install soon,you can get a free CD(inc. shipping) of all security updates up to 10/2003.
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  2. Mine took weeks to get. You might be better off downloading.
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  3. Originally Posted by handyguy
    Mine took weeks to get. You might be better off downloading.
    Consider yourself lucky, mine was 6 weeks. Though I did order it only the second day it was availalbe. No doubt a severe backorder occured.
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  4. i got in ~ 2 weeks, lost it , just ordered another one

    after clean install VERY useful instead of win update site...

    or you can slipstream, never tried my self though
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  5. why bother?
    It's out dated before you even order it
    Best just to download all the fixes and burn them to a CD-RW and just add the new fixes as they come out...

    if you don't know how to down the files, search the forums and you'll see the many link that were posted for this very same discussion when the CD first came out
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    Originally Posted by jagabo
    I use the FixEverythingThat'sWrongWithThisVideo() filter. Works perfectly every time.
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  6. Well if you use dial-up like myself,having most of the updates on one CD is convenient.
    But if you prefer to download HERE is the link.

    UPDATE:I received my CD in 8 days from ordering.
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  7. The time frame from order to delivery is short now. I ordered mine when MS first announced it and it took about 5-6 weeks. A friend ordered one recently and it took less than 2 weeks. I wanted one on hand just in case the OS needed a reinstall.

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  8. Mine was in my mailbox 7 days after I ordered it. Sure does making a clean install not so much a pain when you have a dial up modem.
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