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  1. dont ask me how it's been that way.

    i got an asf file but the extension is avi instead. i want to convert my file into mpg by tmpgenc but it shuts down because it has a wrong extension.

    if you open it by searching avi files it will open ofcoure but it is still in asf format once you play it.

    is it possible to change the extension into *.asf? if it is how?

    what encoder can convert this kind of file into mpg?
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  2. Member stackner's Avatar
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    i have had the same thing happen. the only program i know of tha will let you edit asf files is virtualdub 1.3c with the asf patch. this is an old virtualdub but modern vers won't work. this will atleast let you convert to avi or frame server to a program for mpg.

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  3. Member teegee420's Avatar
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    You can find a link to Virtualdub 1.3c on this page. I'm hoping that you have better luck than I did because it has never successfully worked for me. There's always an error when trying to parse the asf.
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