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    I am using Nero to burn MPEG video files onto DVDs.
    I have tried burning onto DVD +R and DVD -R and choose not to record as multisession as the player can't recognise these as it states in the manual.

    In any case, it gives me Incorrect Disk format every DVD I try.
    My friend has a different Alba player which recognises them OK.
    They are also recognised on my PC DVD player OK.

    Has anyone else tried using this player any suggestions.
    This is my first post so forgive my ignorance.

    I also have a JVC XV-S302 which just gives error.
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  2. Incorrect format appears when the DVD-R has not been recorded in correct UDF mode (especially with Nero) select option DVD-Video.
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    Tried using Nero OEM and chose DVD-ROM (UDF), chose File System Version UDF 2.01 (choices available were UDF 1.02, 1.50 and 2.01). Don't know if this choice makes a difference.

    Then dragged MPEG files onto DVD writer and written at 4X.
    Could choose 2X?

    Using Bulkpaq 4x speed DVD-R disks.

    Get same message Incorrect Disk format.
    What a pain this is.....

    Any other ideas????
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    Are you putting a series of Mpeg's on a DVD or are you trying to create a DVD Video ?
    Are your Mpeg's - mpeg1 , mpeg2 or mpeg4 ?
    Will the Alba play just the mpeg's , I doubt it will ?

    What is your source (avi , mpeg? ) and what is your process?

    I looked in the Argos catalogue and the Alba45 is just a standard DVD Player ,
    so you would have to have mpeg1 or mpeg2 and then Author then burn to create a compatable DVD.
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  5. pick DVD-ROM/ISO,and just drag the files across.-from far right window,to window give them names.
    the reason your getting errors like this is because there not DVD compliant files..
    you dont want to make a DVD. you just want to drag the files onto the DVD.
    oh and by the way,bulkpaq discs are shite.
    not the best to use by a long shot.
    the alba dvd45 and dvd55 CAN read mutisession discs,i know,its not that long from when i stuck a couple of sets of files onto a dvd-r and it played perfectly,and after that,finally filled up the dvd and closed it.
    *i own both of these players*
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