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    If you do choose to look at AVIDemux, it will open the VOB's natively, and append them if they are in the same folder. Just open the first VOB from the DVD that contains the movie itself and it will detect any other matching VOBs from that folder and ask to append them. From there you would just add the deinterlace filter, and select the appropriate source and target (for example NTFS to FILM (29.97 to 23.976fps).

    Some general usage guides here which are fairly self explanatory. The days of having to hunt down various bits and pieces are largely gone given the current modern toolsets. Most package will have the basic tools you need to do a simple conversion built into the tool. I did some digging and it appears that MPEG2DEC3 is very old and no longer updated.

    You can also use an older tool called MeGUI which just has you create the d2v file using the older MPEG2DEC tool, and using that as the input. The rest is all graphical input for various output options (divx/xvid, h.264, mkv, etc).

    I never work with DVD images these days as I just encode to H.264 and store on a local NAS for streaming, but these tools still seem to be generally available in the tools section of VideoHelp.

    I used MeGUI fairly heavily before I switched. It's a good tool for beginners and advanced users alike.
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