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  1. i think i found something...

    ok, the dvd i created is nearly perfect now !

    i tested it in 2 dvd players; 1 rca and 1 jvc
    it played correctly without the problems i encounter with the xbox...

    what i don't understand is that on the xbox, i tried 3 different softwares and all 3 were producing the overlapping frames or blurry images...

    so now i know i have 2 choices:
    a) buy another standalone dvd player
    b) re-encode the files...

    I choose the option B)

    but i need some help...

    Could someone just point me to the best way to convert my dvb 704x480 files to 720x480 truly DVD compatible files...

    i tried TmpgEnc and it gives me this error when i try to load the file ;
    "file ... can not open, or unsupported"

    so whats the best software and method... thanks.
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  2. The Old One SatStorm's Avatar
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    704 x 480 / 576 is an official DVD framesize.

    in short terms, DVD specifications support 720/704/352 x 480 "resolutions", also 352 x 240.

    So it seems that your X Box isn't 100% combatible with the DVD specifications.

    Anyway, you need to re - encode. So, you need to frameserve your mpeg 2 file with dvd2avi.
    Read how to frameserve mpeg 2 on the Sefy guides at your left of this screen.

    Also, I move this post to the DVB / HDTV forum.
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