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  1. Hi I followed the guides here to capture video with virutal dub. I tried to convert from the resulting AVI to MPG using TMPGenc.

    The resulting file from Virtual Dub has both sound and audio. Using Panasonic Encoder also results in a file that has both sound and picture, but I can't encode more than 30 seconds.

    But in TMPGenc, I get only black video and audio. I followed all the steps in the guides here.

    Has anyone encountered this problem and do you know how to resolve it?

    My system: win98, 384 mb ram, 2gb hard disk partition just for the resulting mpg file.

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  2. yea its yer plugin settings,you have to raise the priority under options in tmpge.raise direct show to 12, avi2 to 10, and avi vfw to 9. works for me, had the exact problem awhile back.
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  3. Thanks it works.

    The exact same settings didn't work for me. I had to place higher priority on AVIFW. I guess you just have to play around with the settings. Something the guides here don't really mention.

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