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  1. Anyone with hack to make region free the new philips dvdr 615?
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  2. To change the region press 'system' in the remote control. Then change the remote control to 'dvd player'. Press 'ok' and leave the menu pressing 'system' again. To change to region 4 'play 159'. 9 dashes will appear. press '121 212 005 008 play'. turn the player off. then turn it on again and it's ready for region 4.
    If you want to go back to region 1 'play 159 121 212 005 001 play'.
    To change to other regions probably you just have to use a different number instead of 1 or 8.
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  3. Hi,

    I used your suggestion to change my DVDR 615/17 to region 4 and back to region 1 and it worked successfully.

    However I would like to know if there is a way of making this recorder completely region free, without the need of changing regions back and forth. Do you know how to do it?


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  4. Sorry, I suppose we can change to other regions changing the number '8' ('121 212 005 008 play') to other numbers, but I didn't figure out anyway to make it full region free.
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  5. Yes, I also noticed this... I did not find in any other source information about making the device full region free. However I found somewhere people telling that the limit of changes would be 25. I don't know if this is really true, but makes me afraid.
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  6. I didn't know this information. Anyways I think I may have changed already about 15 times or more.
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