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  1. After I saw her picture for the first time, I couldn't blame him for saying that.

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    It depends on the meaning of the word "is," is.

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    Originally Posted by indolikaa
    After I saw her picture for the first time, I couldn't blame him for saying that.
    Well compared to some of the others in his harem...

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    Some people need to let go of the "white guilt".

    Saying "no wonder so many people hate the U.S."(paraphrase) is just as ignorant as the stupid bastards who bash people for not speaking English like a scholar. Don't make sweeping generalizations and speak for yourself, not for your country/race. As it has been said, the U.S. isn't the only English speaking country.

    Also, some people need to grow a pair. If you don't allow yourself to be baited (even if there is actually no baiting), then you won't care and won't respond. If someone says that your English sucks, ignore them, as they are not worth your time. I repond to everything because I'm a damn chatterbox One of the few times I've seen a worthy response was when someone had the gall to say that the Holocaust never happened

  5. And now I am a insane lune.

  6. Ok I hear and obey.

    - - -
    Some just don't know when to stop pissing and moaning.
    Their unrivaled sense of entitlement, arrogance and shamelessness
    is amazing to behold. They still refuse to accept the consequences
    of their actions like a man, utilizing innocent offspring as a prop
    to propagate their paranoid view of the truth. Whiner of the year!

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