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  1. I recently purchased a used Sony MiniDV DCR-PC9 camcorder and I've been using it a little, playing with the pass through so I can convert some old VCR tapes to DVD. I know that a cable's quality definitely makes a difference for regular video and audio cables, but I was wondering if it's the same for digital cables such as firewire?

    Does the quality of the cable matter as much? I bought a $2 firewire cable off of eBay, but I really don't know if it's affecting the quality of my captures, versus a Monster Cable for example.
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    not really. if you have a cable longer than say 6 ft, then it might matter a little. i have a 6ft monster cable firewire cable and 2 6ft cheap ones i got from for 4 bucks a piece. i dont notice any difference between the two brands.
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