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  1. Hi everyone...
    I am new to this but getting the hang of it.
    Using VCDEasy

    Got a problem with authoring...
    I have two sequences, one with 8 chapters, the other with 6.
    Pressing each key number 1-8 takes me to the appropriate chapter but when I press 9 to take me back to the main menu, nothing happens. I am stuck at that point.
    Also tried setting 9 up to take me back to the start of the sequence but still nothing happens.

    What am I doing wrong

    Can you suggest a way out of this please.
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  2. Forgot to mention I'm making a VCD not DVD.

    The images come from Vegas video 4e. They are scenes of productions I have shot. Firstly made into AVI then MPEG using tmpgenc.

    Put the stills and mpeg video files into vcdeasy Then made chapters. All that was easy's just this #9 that is the problem in authoring.

    I have just done another test. Making 9 return me to the chapter heading. That works but I still can't get back to the main menu using 9.
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  3. Hi!
    Each chapter in the segment is just entry points. VCDEasy will assign a button number for each entry point. You said that seqment 1 have 8 chapters in it. Well, then VCDEasy will assign button 1 - 8 as default button for each entry point.

    In order to make button 9 assigned to the menu, you'll have to override the default assignment in the Interactivity Page.

    Mark the checkbox "Override this default assignment" in Interactivity Page and then assign each chapter to the corresponding button. Now button 9 you'll assign to the menu itself. If everything is correct, you'll be taken to the menu by pressing button 9.

    // Znooky
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    I've never be able to get 'chapter' points for the 2nd sequence to work using the NEXT and PREV buttons. They always make the player jump back to chapters in the first Sequence.
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