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  1. These are the latest DV editing application upgrades that I'm aware of. What do you say we use this thread to articulate the pros and cons of each. I heard in the Sony Vegas 5.0 announcement thread that since they're offering subtitle and alternate audio tracks in their upgrade that it pretty much locks them in at the top...but didn't Premiere Pro do this? Maybe I don't understand exactly what Vegas 5.0 is offering that Premiere Pro didn't. I'm assuming that Premiere Pro's upgrade to 1.5 also offers all that Vegas 5.0 is probably offering (though it isn't shipping until May).

    What do you guys think?
    Also, I'm considering buying Edius 2.0 because I assume it works well with Canopus ProCoder (which is what I use to encode all my Mpeg-2 files) Though...Adobe has ProCoder support too, so maybe I should just get Premiere Pro since it integrates nicely with EncoreDVD, etc...

    What do you guys think?
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    AVID has a New DV app sort of also -- more of a bundle and an upgraded line , shipping in may also i believe..

    the new premiere will have a lot of good features ...

    here is some white papers on some of the new features in vegas

    i'm sure adobe will have something like a comparison ...
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