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  1. I've recorded a home movie to DVD and the sound is poor quality. I no longer have the original and the DVD is using VOB files, are there any programmes that will clean the audio (camcorder hisses, etc.) from VOB files?
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  2. You may have to convert it to wav and back again but Cool Edit Pro, Adobe Auditon, Sound Forge can all clean up audio. So can Dart Pro.
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  3. hello,

    ..i have the same problem. I've been playing with both SoundForge and Adobe Audition...

    my problem is, i don't know enough about AUDIO to get rid of the crackles, pops, background noise, etc..

    i know about the noise gate in sound forge.. and it got rid of some (in my case, it is a tape hiss). Also, for the number of noisy crackles... the pen in Sound Forge is too manual (i think i'd have to redraw 1000 times!).

    ..finally, i tried to use the pop-click eliminator, and could not completely eliminate the crackles. Is there any expert advice i may obtain on using these tools? of course, i've played with their manuals.

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  4. I know TMPEGenc Plus had a tool for it but it doesn't work on .VOB files.
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  5. do you know if it's any good?

    i think the audio popping tools in soundforge and adobe audition are likely good also, but having no experiene or education with audio theory.. i'm lost!

    got 'better' results yesterday, just pushing buttons...

    i'm wondering also what the difference is between the hiss removal and the noise reduction tools are in audition, etc...
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  6. Hiss is good for removing tape hiss. A noise print can remove lots of noise too, but you are going to have to play with it, as no one can do it for you.
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  7. for getting rid of tape hiss in Adobe Audition do the following:

    Select a "silent" portion of the sound track where there is no talking or other "wanted noise" (just the hiss you are wanting to get rid of). Then go to the noise reduction tool and hit the "get profile from selection" button. Then select the entire wave and tinker with the settings and use the preview button to get it how you want it. If you just have a few pops here and there I would just select the immediate area where the pop occurs and run the click/pop filter. It probably won't get rid of it altogether but it should reduce it.

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