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  1. I have a Digital 8 camera and i use Pinnacle Studio 9 to capture the footage to computer. When i capture it directly the quality is brilliant, clear and full screen.

    However, when i edit and create a new file of say the same clip it will produce a liney image as below.

    This was 100 percent compression, 640 X 480 and 30 FPS.

    the original was captured on firewire and is nothing like this it is totaly smooth and playback on tv and computer is brilliant.

    Why does it author like this? Is it Pinnacle? I'm thinking of moving on and using Adobe, will that help the issue.

    Any help will be apperciated.

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  2. Its your settings when you save/encode.

    I don't use Pinnacle so I can't give specific details but you need to set up Pinnacle to export to DV format (NTSC or PAL as appropriate) and everything shoul be OK. Also remember to view the output in a proper SW DVD player such as PowerDVD. This handles the interlaced DV properly whereas WMP and some other avi players do not.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. I put some clips together in Adobe Premiere Pro and exported as a DV avi.

    The output looked perfect. There was no grains. This was at the DV avi default settings and it looked the same as it does when i capture off my camera.
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