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  1. Like those FBI&copyright warnings that plays automatically when DVD inserted into standalone dvd player that cannot be skipped. Similarly I would like to insert my own mpg at the beginning of my personal vacation DVDs. Sorta like my calling card
    Can some1 pls advice or refer me to a guide on how to do this? By chance anyway to do this on DVD-lab?
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. well, I made an intro for a DVD both with DVD-lab and DVD Workshop. Just set the video as first play (or link it to first play in DVDlab) and it should work. DVD Workshop has an option to make this unskippable i don't know if DVDlab has a similar option.
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  3. Thanks for the advice, JustAnotherNoob. I'm pleased to report I can finally do that in DVD-lab

    Thanks again..
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