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  1. I have a:

    AMD Athlon XP 1800
    768MB DDR Ram
    160Gbyte Maxtor 7200rpm IDE HDD
    Firewire integrated in Soundblaster Live

    JVC GR-DX300 MiniDV Cam

    I want to capture the DV to AVI and eventually to DVD or DivX. I tried to use WinDV or DVApp to capture the film. But it gives too many framedrops. Like 200 framedrops in just 30 seconds film. Howcome?

    What can I do about it? :S
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  2. See my post "DV to Harddrive..."

    - close all programs, also network/internet connection
    - record to separate harddrive - not where system files are ("C" normally)
    - defragment the harddrive you'll use
    - turn off preview/sound

    Could it be blank parts of your tape being treated as dropped frames, as suggested in my post? Just a few seconds are a lot of frames.

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    200 frames in 30 seconds seems very high. your computer is good enough to capture video. like oliver said, make sure everything is closed down that you dont need. be sure to defragment your hard drive. if you only have one hard drive, this is very important. i would also try some different software to see if you get the same results. try DVIO, its free.
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  4. It does not matter how fast the system is if the source is bad. Video tapes are the worst to capture.
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  5. Thank you guys for all your great tips!

    I found out that it was the HDD problem. I've divided my HDD into 3 partitions and also got a second HDD.

    Capturing to the second HDD was ok.
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