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  1. Newbie here, I want to make DVD's from my homevideos (DV) with acceptable quality and minimum time, I've experimented a lot and wonder if someone out there could comment on:

    1 Using Ulead Moviefactory 2, capturing DV on-the-fly to MPG seem to give quite some quality loss, anyone having the same the same experiance?

    2 Can MainConcept do the same thing but better?

    3 Is DVTimeStamp the only solution to get the Date transfered into the DV Avi file (which means first doing a DV-AVI file = more time spent).

    4 If transfering DV-AVI files to hard-desk, which is the best software? I've tried WinDV, DVIO and Vega.

    5 Which is the best MPG-compression software? Have tried Ulead Moviefactory, MainConcept - very time consuming process.
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  2. For your last question, i use only CCE for encoding DV to DVD, its really fast and the quality is impressive. The lite version cost like $60, very cheap compared to paying $50 for tmpgenc. I never tried Mainconcept so cant say.
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