i am using my sony minidv to pass-through vhs & hi8 signals. i have a pdc with windows xp. RAM is 256mb, forget the exact spec on the pcu but it's plenty fast to handle the capture and this set up works perfect, EXCEPT:

i'm having a problem on some videos where they stutter for a few seconds around minute 30, as though the computer can't keep up with the transfer for a few seconds. the audio and video become jerky, then go back to normal. this doesn't happen all the time nor at the same minute of every video and i haven't noticed it happening at any other time than around minute 30. this is not from a screen saver or any power saving application as far as i can tell (my hard drive doesn't turn down for hours, same with screen saver, etc.). i have no other programs running while capturing nor am i connected to the internet. i'm using windows movie maker at full dv resolution. as vegas video won't let me record from a pass-through, just from a minidv tape. can i change any settings to help this out? i'm figuring some critical process is running for a few seconds at around 30 minute intervals causing this but i have no clue what.