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    Hi All,

    Can any body advise me on the above - is it possible to capture from camera (DV) to AVI or MPEG1 and get Scene information - with some programs it just brings in the whole tape as one Scene.

    Thanks in anticipation

    New to this game!!
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  2. I couldn't get scene information. I had to do editting in to put the date and time in each scene. Really tedious imo. If someone knows a way, please let us know!

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    I use Microsoft Movie Maker 2 to capture my DV movies and it automatically divides them up into scenes.

    You'll need to use a program called DVtimestamp if you want the time/date on your movies, though.
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  4. I really could not understand what do u mean by 'scene information', do you want to say that each clip on your cam should be captured as a different file ?

    If this is what u r looking for u can try windv or scenalyzerLive. Here u can specify the time limit, any discontinuty(in time) in the captured video with time greater than what u specy will be captured to a different file.

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