I've been capturing some TV shows using the passthrough in my Sony Digital8 camcorder for a while now, and I've started noticing that when scenes within the program change from a sequence of bright light to a darker sequence, the camcorder is almost 'refocusing' (for want of a much better, technical word ) the image, and the brightness from the previous scene fades in to the new light setting of the next sequence - almost in the same way as if you go from inside to outside while recording on a camcorder - the little bit of time it takes for the camcorder to adjust to the new setting.
I don't see why this needs to do it during passthrough though, and was just wondering if it's just a matter of my camcorder's configuration that can be changed? It's only really notable when there is a clear juxtaposition of a particularly bright, white scene (indeed, it doesn't seem to like a pure white image at all!) to something else... but there's quite a few programmes I want to capture currently that do this, so hopefully there's a way to fix it.

Just going out and buying a proper DVD Recorder is looking all the more tempting.