I've been using TMPEnc Plus for a couple of years and have never experienced this problem before.

I like to use the Project Wizard to convert my captured AVI's to MPEG-2 (DVD compliant) video+audio streams. I don't seperate the streams since my DVD players have no problems reading the joined streams. When I get to the final steps, ready to begin the conversion and save the VIDEO+AUDIO to one file, TMP will only save as two streams -- .m2v and .WAV. The "Save Audio and Video as individual elementary streams" button is checked and greyed out, so that I can't change it to save as ONE "mpg" file. I've loaded the "UNLOCK.MCF" template, but it doesn't seem to affect this situation.

I always start the project by selecting the "System (Video + Audio)" stream. Everything works as it always has for me until I get to the save file screen. I can't figure out how to disable this seperation of video and audio streams in the SAVE dialogue. As I've said, I've been using TMPEnc Plus for quite some time and this has never happened before. I've tried reinstalling the program, but that hasn't helped. Any ideas?

Answering my own question....

It finally dawned on me WHY I was having this problem. Sorry for wasting this thread space.

I was selecting PCM Audio instead of MPG1 Layer II Audio. Stupid me!