ok 1st post on a real problem.
I wish to know what sort of turn around I should be getting with my new system?
New system is a p4 3.2ghz with 512Gb DDR pc3200, running XP on a 40Gb hd,
Two other drives installed 1x120Gb and another 40Gb, all running at 7200rpm, Mobo is a gigabyte 8Ik1100 and using Radeon 9600Xt graphics card with 128Mb DDR.Also with a pinnicle duluxe capture card using StudioV8 with updates (only used for capture and editing avi ,as the rest was a waste of money and they shouldnt be allowed to sell the product as a duluxe based on that/but its a free market)

What I did was run the exact same render job on my new system and my old sys which is a
Celeron 500Mhz,384Mb ram, on a epox b3 mobo with 3x40Gb 7200rpm drives, and also using Xp os.

Using tmpeg trial mpeg2 encoding at vbr 2 pass highest quality to encode Analouge tv footage (AVI)

the new machine took 58minutes and the old machine took 2 hrs and 11mins which is roughly half the time for the new machine.

Is this about right? I would have thought the new machine should be alot faster or is intel/microsoft and the like just rubbishing us all about technollogy improvements in the last 5 years since i purchased the old system?
I hunted about before I found this great posting board and service, and was advised by another source to increase my ram.
I did this and after now running 2Gb of DDR pc3200 i ran a job of converting anolouge to mpeg2 with tempeg using the same setting as before on the new machine.
It took over four days to render 2hrs of footage!
Surley this cant be correct?
Anyway, the long and the short (finally!) I have found out about mainconcept, and have /am trialling this software.
So far it seems so much quiker, it has converted 2hrs in about 3-14 hours which seems more exceptable at the compromise of slightly lesser quality then tempeg and larger file sizes.
Could anyone steer me in the correct direction for software to purchase for render with GREAT quality and reasonable turn about times?
From this site it seems most people use tmpeg,mainconcept and procoder and CCE the latter two of which i am unfamiliar with.
Are these the only products in a consumer driven market place?
All feed back appriciated, and sorry for so many questions, but i guess it is about speed 1st and quality 2nd, tho these can vary.