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  1. Hey,

    I was wondering if there's a plugin or something that would allow you to load a TGA sequence as your video source in an AVISynth script. I'm guessing that if there is I'll have to specify a framerate as well. Any info is greatly appreciated.
    Happy to be here.
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  2. The following avisynth parameter will open a TGA file:-

    ImageReader("D:\Capture 1\000000.TGA",0,0,25)

    The "0's" are first and last frame number, the "25" is the framerate.

    I don't know anything about TGA files though so I hope this is not misleading
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  3. Thanks very much.

    I can only load a single image with the script you suggested, the first in the sequence. I can't seem to load the the entire sequence of images. I must be missing a step. Any ideas anyone?
    Happy to be here.
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