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  1. I've converted divx to svcd before, but when I tried recently with an Xvid... i got the following error when i attempted to save the wav file "The requested audio compression is not compatible with the input format. Check that the sampling rate and channel count of the input match those of the requested format."
    Now I did put full processing mode, conversion from 48000 to 44100... anyone have an idea?
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  2. More info... I downloaded Gspot to reveal that the audio is ac3 with codec
    Code 0x2000 Wave Format AC3 with --> AC3 from Avi Xform --> AC3 Prologic Decoder.

    Bitrate of 448 kb/s (5 ch CBR) at 48000Hz.
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    Vdub won't save out a wav file from ac3, you can save the audio out using direct stream copy - rename it to *.ac3 then use headac3he to convert to wav, or do what I do and use Goldwave - load the avi then save.

    BTW, you need to have the ac3 codec installed if you haven't already
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