It only has a problem with Divx 5.1.1 & Xvid. Any other Mpeg4 compressions seem to work fine (like Divx Fast Motion, Low Motion, etc.). I know that these files are fine and that TMPGEnc Plus can do them because it has done them before. I have previously encoded the same exact Divx 5.1.1 videos that I can't seem to do now . The process goes 50% (the analization pass), then stops; it never actually encodes a single second. I'm left with a 243 KB mpeg. It is strange how CBR works fine. It will encode the entire file and then give an "Invalid Pointer Operation" error at the end, but still produce a valid Mpeg2 stream. I think that this started happening after I installed ffdshow, but that really doesnt make sense. Plus, I have tried uninstalling - down to the last registry setting - and then reinstalling Divx, Xvid, ffdshow, & TMPGEnc Plus. It is not working. I've tried changing ffdshow's configuration settings. Nothing seems to work. I did also install the latest security updates from Microsoft (I have WinXP Home). VirtualDub has reported no errors; as I have said before, I have encoded these same files before with TMPGEnc Plus. I only installed ffdshow because I read somewhere on these forums that TMPGEnc reads Xvid's better with it installed. I was having trouble with an Xvid video. Before, when I increased the DirectShow Multimedia File Reader to 2 (or highest priority) in the VFAPI plugins section, TMPGEnc Plus would always read the file differenty. For example, if the file was 23.976 fps, TMPGEnc Plus would read it as 30 fps. It would even show more frames; my 40 min Xvid had 58,000 something frames, but after I increased the DirectShow filter to 2, it would show me 70,000 something frames. However, now, with both Divx 5.1.1 and Xvid, increasing the DirectShow reader does nothing. It seems to have no effect. I even tried to raise it to 6. It took longer to load, but accomplished nothing. I have even tried frameserving with VirtualDub with a filter added, but I get the same result. TMPGEnc Plus never actually encodes the file; it just analyzes it. It will stop quietly. The error it gives (I only see it when I do batch encoding) is "Illegal Floating Decimal Point Calculation Order". The main thing I don't understand is why this is happening with Divx 5.1.1 codec videos that have always worked with TMPGEnc Plus, regardless of how I had encoded them (2-pass, cbr, cq, etc.). Furthermore, I have even reinstalled WindowsMedia Player & DirectX. My Divx & Xvid still play just fine in any player that I choose (WMPlayer, WinAmp, The Core Media Player, RealPlayer, etc. Does anyone have the slightest clue what is going on? It seems like such a minor error. What can fix this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is getting extremely annoying. I just bought a Dvd writer and now I can't encode the videos that I bought it for. I've read almost every post about this issue (about a crash after the 1st pass, at 50%, in 2-pass VBR of TMPGEnc) and can find no solution to my problem.