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  1. Having a problem converting from DV to mpeg1/2 with Tmpgenc plus. I captured some DV footage (3 clips from two different sources) using Premiere 6.5, into DV AVI. The captured files work fine.

    However, when I try to convert to mpeg1/2, I seem to only get picture. There is some sound (half a second) at the beginning of the clip, but nothing else after that. This happens with the default templates that come with tmpgenc and the custom templates I've made, mpeg1 and mpeg2 formats.

    This has only just happened. I've done successful conversions of this nature before, using the same method, same machine, same software. When I check older mpeg files I've made, they work fine.

    Perhaps I've somehow installed a bad DV codec? Wrong environmental settings? Directshow is highest in priority for tmpgenc.

    I tried using windv to capture type-2 files (same as premiere?) and got the same result. Then captured type-1 using windv, and now tmpgenc converts fine. But then premiere can't use type-1 files, so I can't edit them.
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  2. Never mind, solved my own problem.

    Downloaded and installed the free canopus DV codec. However, still no sound with directshow VFAPI at high priority. So I put it down and put avi2 and VFW avi on top. Result is that I can now encode type 2 DV in tmpgenc.

    So the reason that I couldn't do it before was probably because I had a faulty directshow VFAPI DV codec installed somewhere.
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  3. Hmm, seems like problem isn't solved after all. The canopus codec is only able to read small files. Anything large (my files are 8GB and 10GB) and there is a blank screen.

    Ahh, wait... moving VFW down and AVI2 (open DML) VFAPI up has solved the problem (I hope).
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