Howdy. Im trying to bring my Diablo 2 cutscenes on a dvd.

Ive so far rendered to HFYU avi with Bink and Smacker.
Gspot tells me that the source is 640x292 (2.19:1) with 24 frames per sec.

I have successfully done a PAL mpeg. But it has smallish black borders and is missing something left and right. (source 16:9, aspect 16:9 full screen)

Im Trying to not loss any video information on my Panasonic 16:9
Could somebody tell me what the best options for aspect ratio / source aspect and video arrange mode
are for this puppy? (and should i go for NTSC because of the 24 fps?)

Im sorry, I know im a beginner, but i read HFYU conversion in the
forum subtext, so i posted it here.

Im thanking everyone for replying!