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  1. When using TMPGEnc to convert Divx files into DVD, in the last step of the wizard it tells me which resolution to use 720 x 480 or 352 x 480, i have always used 352 x 480 because i tought that if i used 720 x 480 the resulting filesize would be bigger, but i was wrong, i noticed that if i use 720 x 480 the filesize is the same as if i were to use 352 x 480, so my question is: do u think that if i use 720 x 480 the resolution is gonna be better than if i use 352 x 480 when playing on a DVD player? , or is it just gonna be the same quality?

    Thanx in advance
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  2. file size would be the same but you would need to allocate more bits (e.g. bigger file size) to get the same quality in each. E.g. if you want the same # of bits / pixel, you need a bigger file size for 720x480 than for 352x480, all else being equal.
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  3. You're probably using the exact same bitrate for both resolutions and thus the identical file sizes. The file size is a function of duration of movie and bitrate but not resolution.
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    Search Comp PM u think that if i use 720 x 480 the resolution is gonna be better than if i use 352 x 480 ...
    All things being equal, the 352*480 will give a better "visual" quality with mpeg4 (divx) to mpeg2 encodes. This is because there is more information available for allocation to each frame.

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