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    Hi all
    Could you help me with this:

    I 'm used to make SVCD with chapters using VCDEasy , but they have been had the following strange behavior:

    During the playback, suppose the movie is at 45:30 min and I seek for the next chapter, it is expected that it goes to the first chapter after that point, right?
    But when I do that, I've noticed that it always goes to the chapter which follows the last chapter I had sought before, independent of where it is.
    If I hadn't done any seek before it goes to the beginning of the movie.

    What is wrong ?

    Thnx in adv
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    Nothing is wrong, this is just what it does.
    I went "what the!" when I first noticed my SVCDs doing it. I thought my authoring was the culprit.

    I believe it's because SVCDs don't really have chapters like a DVD but rather, entry points.
    It remembers the last entry point that was selected and the NEXT and PREV buttons select the entry point either side of the last entry point.
    The first press of the NEXT key will always take you to "Chap" 2 regardless of where you are in the movie.

    Just use the numbers keys to save time.
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