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  1. Hi all,
    If the price is same, which drive is better??
    all 8X+-R ....

    "NEC 2500A"
    "Ricoh MP5308D"

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  2. I think the 420i is a rebadged NEC2500A. They're taking the 420i and cloning it and using it on the NEC2500 for the added bitsetting capability.

    Here's the database and user comments:
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  3. thanks.....
    but... the HP homepage show this 420i only support CD-R at 24X burning speed.... and the 2500a is 32X.. why??

    and is it the Ricoh MP5308D also NEC 2500A OEM??

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  4. HP dvd420i that shows up as a 420n is a rebadged ND-2500A. I think they only specify 24x/10x CD-R/RW speed because BenQ/Philips might take over the production later and their drives currently only support 24x/10x. From what I read the dvd420n is really 32x/16x CD-R/RW though. The HP drive burns DVD+R as DVD-ROM by default and supports changing book type on DVD+RW.
    Ricoh MP5308D is a rebadged NEC ND-2500A too. It has not been confirmed whether it supports bitsetting/changing of book type or not.
    There is also a patched firmware for the ND-2500A out which is based on the HP 420n and therefore supports bitsetting.
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  5. So if you don't mind flashing hacked firmware go with the NEC and you can use either HPs or NEC's firmware, but probably not vise versa.
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  6. thank you all.....
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