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  1. Hi all;

    Having tmpgenc plus for 2 months, I follow this guide (, and my DVD movie turns fine. Then I download dvdshrink, windv; after that, the template I use (from the guide above) is no longer work. The 2 pass vbr stop at 50%. Then I did some cazy thing. I re-install my video software that comes with my ati 9600 xt. Try again with my own template and it runs ok to 100%. At that point, tmpgenc stop stood there. Normall, I will hear a bell tone to let me know the encode is finished. I also try to see the encode with ati, and it says missing something but I do not remeber. Ati askd to repair in order for me to view the movie on my pc.

    What am I doing wrong? Any suggestion? I am greatly appreciated to your help. I post this on newbie but do get any reply so I decide to post in this forum.
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    I may be wrong, but I don't know of any way that DVDshrink or WinDV would interfere with TMPGEnc encoder. I believe shrink is a transcoder and and WinDV is just an import interface. May be something else causing problems with TMPGEnc.
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  3. Thanks. That makes me feel better. I will start look at other source to cause the problem. One thing I remember, I have sony digital software, pixela image maker, before install tmpgenc. After install tmpgenc, I install nikon program for my digital camera, coolpix 880. I do not know how old is the nikon program, but the camera came out about 5 yrs ago. Any way, thanks.
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  4. I have installed in my PC
    Pixela Image Maker

    And every thing works well...check for something problems betwen them.

    Good look
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  5. Update the problem I posted.

    After realizing (from you readers) that windv & dvdshrink have nothing to do with tmpgenc plus performance, I went back to trial the max bitrate, avg bitrate. Finally the program works fine. I still have no idea why the past I set at max=9000, avg=6000, 2 pass vbr with highest qa; it worked and then stop. Now, set at max=8000, avg=5000, 2 pass vbr with highest qa; tmpgenc plus runs fine. The video has lesser bites but I can not see any qa loss. The movie looked great. Thanks for all those reply.
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