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  1. i was wondering if someone could help me out on this one. i am using dvd lab 1.3 to convert an SVCD to DVD. when i burn the DVD i get a horizontally squished image display. i've read about using dvdpatcher on each individual VOB file, but i thought the point of using dvd lab was to get away from using the patcher. here is the entire process i'm performing.

    1) rip svcd using isobuster, results in an .mpg
    2) run each .mpg through dvd lab, demuxing the av into 2 streams and converting to dvd audio (44.1 to 48 khz)
    3) compile dvd
    4) burn dvd

    i believe that if the problem is correctable it would be in step 3. there are some project options where i can compile using different frame sizes and aspect ratios. in case you haven't used dvd lab here are some of the options: (720 X 480, 480 X 480, 352 X 480), (Letterbox, Pan & Scan, Let player decide), (16:9, 4:3). the parantheses indicate that those option are all under one pull down menu. the current video stream i'm working with is 29.97fps, 4:3, 480 X 480, typical for a SVCD i believe.

    the settings i've tried so far are:
    480 X 480, let player decide, and 4:3
    480 X 480, pan & scan, and 4.3

    it's pretty time consuming to try every possible combo of the three settings, not to mention the growing collection of coasters. any help would be appreciated.

    ps - i've tried playing the vob in powerdvd before burning, but powerdvd plays the correct size no matter what.
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    Most likely the problem is its not compatible with your dvd player since its not within dvd specs.Best thing to do is re-encode to 352x480 or try the burned disc on another dvd player.
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    Does your player play SVCD's on CD? If not, then chances are it won't play them on DVD either. Refer to post above this one.
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  4. I got a problem with dvd lab too
    When I'm starting to convert the .mpg/.mpeg files it's starting to work but then it says "The video stream contains a encrypted stream" =/
    Anyone knows how to solve this?
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