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  1. Hey guys. Ok, here's my situation. I downloaded an SVCD movie file and it came as a TAR file. I decompressed everything and it contained an M2V and an SFV file. I couldnt play any of those using any program. I was able to play the M2V file on Nero and it played with the sound and everything. The thing is that I wanted to convert it to MPEG so that I could burn it as VCD and play it on my DVD player. Thanks!

    P.S. I tried TMPGEnc and it didn't help.
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    An sfv file is just a checksum to verify that the file is correct. Normally m2v files are just plain MPEG-2 video elementary streams, but now and then people have given me MPEG-2 program streams with that extension. If it plays with sound then you can just rename it to .mpg and it'll probably be fine.
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    A agree with the above although it assumes you have an mpeg-2 filter installed. If the mpg doesn't play in Media Player, use Power DVD or some other software DVD player.
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  4. are u trying to burn the m2v file and play it on a stand alone dvd player?? if so then this is wat u need... brb i gotta find the right program

    TMPGenc Plus thx to ANDYP1 and the ppl here, it was made simple... this is what u want to do open

    TMPGenc Plus
    the wizard will pop up( i usually click next)
    set everthing how u wnat it (Ntsc or Pal) then audio settings click Next

    then click browze and select video(audio should come with it)or u can drap it to the drop spot... click next

    after rereading ur post this might not b helpful for u cuz this makes it to DVD complaint .. hummm

    set ur destination then ur done
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