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  1. I have read in several posts that you can create an .ISO image from a CD in DVD Decrypter, but I cannot for the life of me figger out how to do it. I have also tried Record Now MAX, but can only do a Global Image .gi file. I have v3.2.1.0 of Decrypter and v4.5 of RN Max.

    I would not consider myself a noob but neither am I an expert. But I am probably missing the obvious, so please be gentle.

    Thank You in advance for the help.
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  2. Hmmm you want to get or burn an .ISO image? You say burn in the title, and create an ISO from a CD in the post.....
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  3. Clarification:

    I have a Data CD that I want to create an ISO image so I can store it on my Hard Drive. I have NO problem doing DVD ISO images but Decrypter will not let me do anything BUT a DVD. I have tried File | ISO I | ISO [R]ead functions, but will not allow decrypting unless there is a DVD in the source drive. I could Zip the CD, but ISO would work better for what I want to do.

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  4. Subject should be:

    DVD Decrypter - How to create an .ISO image from CD......

    My bad.
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    For starters its pretty ambitious to use *DVD* Decrypter with CDs.

    I use nero, and select Image Drive as my selected burner. This then makes the image files I need. I'm sure someone else will be able to offer suggestions of other ISO creation progs, or you could do a web search on something like Create ISO software or something.
    If in doubt, Google it.
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  6. DVD Decrypter CAN burn ISO or GI images to CD's.

    It CAN'T rip CD's as ISO

    BTW, whats wrong with ripping and burning GI files with RNM
    I use it often
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  7. OK, DVD Decrypter won't do it.

    How do I do it in Record Now Max.

    I have tried Data .........

    Never mind....solved my own problem....

    Must use Extract and NOT GLobal Image!!!!
    How to waste a Saturday afternoon.

    Thanks guys - problem solved
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  8. To rip:

    Click DRIVE - Global Image

    To burn:

    Image Job
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