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  1. i was just wondering is there any thing i can use to make the best quality files for dvd and is there anything i can use to remove smeares from clips and also like ever block of picture looks blurred does anone have settings for the best quality possible the size doesnt matter
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  2. For the best quality result you need to start with the best quality source material.
    Without a few more details about what you are trying to do thats about the only advice I can give!
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  3. The best rendered files I have ever had were from still images (a slide show) were done in After Effects rendered as AVI. The AVI was as crisp as the original BMP files used. The sacrifice was about 1GB per 10 seconds (720x480) of video. The original BMP were 720x480 300ppi.
    Of course it all turned to crap after to encoding to Mpeg 2. I tried several program's rendering engines (Adobe Premiere, Vegas, TMPGenc) and none were as good as a commercially produced DVD or the original AE AVI. I used the best settings available on all, I know it can be done because the commercial places do it. I guess when you go from 12 gb avi to 55mb Mpeg 2 you have to expect some loss of quality, but geeez.
    Like the other guy said, you didn't mention exactly what you trying to do, I only have the still image experience.
    If it works, don't fix it.
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    garbage in = garbage out.

    Some filters can make improvements to picture quality, but only marginally.
    If in doubt, Google it.
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