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    I have NEO DVD-PDX77 standalone player with divx 4.02 -> 5+ and xvid support, DVD, VCD, 5.1 sound, dts, vga, composite, S-video and SCART conector, spdif, karaoke, etc.

    I am happy owner of this player, but i have some questions/problems?

    1. MANUFACTURER? I dont know anything about "NEO Co." ,
    manufacturer of this device
    (on the box I see number 627301 - is this
    company serial number,
    but where on planet Earth (country) ?)
    (I tryed to find site/home page on several
    search engines, but I failed

    2. CPU,CHIP? Which chipset is used; what version, memory,
    DAC, CPU, etc. ???????
    (similar device "XMS-888 DVD Mpeg-4 Player"
    have Vibratto II ESS6688FAD)

    3. FIRMWARE? I don`t found any site about FIRMWARE for NEO
    I wan`t to upgrade my device with new codecs
    and other stuff.
    When I find firmware, what is the procedure
    for flashing?
    (if I use firmware from some other similar
    device (?) what damage for my device may
    occur ???)

    4. HIDDEN MENU? What is the combination from remote keyboard
    to rich hidden menu?
    (this player have simmilar menu like XMS-888
    and some options, but this combination don`t
    work with NEO)

    5. SUBTITLE? subtitle letters are small and yellow.
    (sometimes when movie have yellow scenes, I
    don`t recognized text!)
    there is no support for code pages 852 SERBIAN
    LATIN (1250 or 8859-2 East Europe)
    ( I hope for better subtittle handling in next
    FIRMWARE version


    - bigger subtitle letters, black bevel around the letters,
    - support for other formats of subtitle (now support only *.sub and
    - better zoom options (smaller zoom steps (1 - 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 1.8 - 2) )
    - different language code page support (serbian latin) !!!!)
    - when playing audio CD I see black screen, fix this
    - better support for MP3 ID tags
    - improve file browser/SMART NAVI (now see only media file formats,
    long file name support now not supported)
    - support for old 3.11 divx codec

    There is one forum about NEO on
    (this is south-eastern europe)

    any help from anybody is greatfull!

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