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    Budz -

    For one, I could care less if you're a man, a woman or both. As for being uptight about this thread, I can only speak for myself, that isn't where I'm at. I'm just trying to make the wisest decision that I can at this moment (since I'm talking about shelling out 200 bucks). I'm just doing my research - if you find that entertaining, then have at it. Now that I've made my decision, I'm good and I think I made the best choice for myself.

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    Well, I just copied my first movie using a TDK (Ricoh) disc and guess what? I ran it through DVDInfoPro just out of curiosity and I got errors at the 99% mark with this disc too (just like I did with the CMC discs). I don't know about all of this testing crap.

    I think basically the way I'm going is this, the hell with DVDinfoPro. If it works in my player then that's all I care about (it could have 300,000 errors for all I care as long as it plays right). No more testing other than testing in my dvd player. I think this was LRD's point a while back and I now have to agree 100%.

  3. nickelzy

    Its nice to have friends. Is it too late to get your Memorex back?

    Well I am home now. Time to get a beer, kick back, relax, boot up the dvd drive and watch all my favorite movies on DVDINFOPRO----NOT.


  4. Originally Posted by mrdavo
    Jumping in the thread here - my first post.

    One of my main concerns is being able to create dvd projects and share with friends and family etc, where compatibility with set-top boxes is critical.

    I've been experimenting with media (All DVD-R). I've got a stack of Fujifilm that report as Prodics. They read back into my Pioneer A06 just fine, but I haven't yet found a set-top machine that will read them. My Pioneer should be (I assume) as good a drive as can be found for the most part.

    I'm using Magix Movie Edit Pro to author/write. Is Magix the problem do you think? In general I love the editing interface even though the menu construction is only so-so. Should I be somehow writing my project to disk out of Magix and then using something else to actually write the disk???

    I've actually used a pack of Compusa Store-brand discs (report as Princo) and they have so far read in every standalone player, but I'm nervous about comitting to them because they aren't rated very well and visual inspection does show some blemishes.

    Man, I just need to nail this down and commit - all my projects are on hold till I can get this figured out.

    One thing I found when I was using cheap -r media (Kypermedia = CMC) was that some programs burned it better than others, at least with my burner. For me, powerproducer seems to work the best. I would try whatever burning program you have, and see what works. It is a little more hassle to create the DVD folders, then burn, but it's worth it to me. Use what you like to author, then burn with whatever gives the best results.

    BTW, I did not go check for read errors (did not have a program to do it back then), but I had noticable pixelation when I burned with some programs, and my dvd's look better when I burn with powerproducer.


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    hawseman wrote:
    budz, your contributions have been enlightening.

    Don't you have something to burn with your $200 burner on your $.65 media?
    As for hawseman yuh I been burning dvds all day on my burner that didn't cost me $200.00....

    For nickelzy so what if you have errors on your discs, if the mfers work and play back fine on your standalone dvd players that's all that matters! Still laughing! :P

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    Moral of the story? Do what works for you.

    If your fine with the disc your using then who really cares use away...

    Otherwise this entrie thread is no longer even on the same planet as "Good deal at walmart" so I'm shutting it down, long as everyone can play nice feel free to start it up again somewhere else.

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