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  1. I have tried to make several VCD's on VCDEasy some with motion menus and some with still menus. I set up the interactivity so that it will do what I want with certain buttons, for example pressing 1 needs to start the first of 3 mpeg movies on the disk so I assign that button to the first mpeg and NOT the menu - however when pressing 1 when plated on my Mintek-1600 DVD player it just starts the menu sequence over again. I have to press 2, 3 etc to access the main parts of my disc which means they do not match what I have on my menu. The next/previous/return assigments I set do not transpose correctly either. When I insert the disc I am noticing that my DVD play shows PBC=OFF on screen for a few seconds. My player does not have an option to turn this on. I have tried burning the disc directly from VCD easy and from Nero but it still does not work. I know my player supports PBC because discs with menus that I have made with Nero and Ulead DVD Movie Factory work just fine - so what do I have to do to make sure that PBC is turned on for the discs I author with VCDEasy? Please Help!!!!!![/b]
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  2. I still need help... HELP!!!!!!!!!
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    My only suggestion is to make doubly sure you alter the keypad numbering set-up.

    On a similar subject,

    If I have a moving picture mpeg at the start I actually place it last on the disc physically. Reasons are stated below.

    Place a black screen at the front and tell it to jump to the menu at the end of the disc. It could then loop there until user input with then takes it back to the appropriate spot.
    Example of layout,
    1. Black screen still (plays for 1sec then jumps to moving menu)
    2. Movie 1
    3. Movie 2
    4. Movie 3
    5. Moving menu (or custom intro) Jumps back to movies on user input.

    I do this for other reasons than yours. I don't bother with moving menu but rather a little 6 sec intro clip I made to represent my "movie" label called "Digital Dungeon".

    My first problem -
    My Philips player only recognises chapter points for the first moving mpeg file that has chapters assigned. Chapters in later mpegs don't work for me.

    Another problem for me-
    Even if the mpeg intro doesn't have chapters but is at the start of the CD, it offsets the movie chapters by the amount as the intro's running time.
    eg. a 30sec Dolby Digital intro at start of CD was causing my movie chapters to be 30sec out. Not good!

    My fix for this -
    By placing the intro/dolby demo at the end ,physically, leaves the movie chapters where they should be.

    Remember - Clips can be located at the end of a disc but then be played back first. Just need a still at the start to do the redirecting.

    Think outside the square.
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  4. I found out what the problem was!!!! So I don't kill a bunch of CD-R's I have been using a CD-RW disc to test things out on. Well finally I decided that just maybe that was part of the problem, and low and behold I was right. I authored a test cd to a regular CD-R and all my menus, interactivity, everything, works just fine!! For some reason when I write to the CD-RW my DVD player turns off PBC and so it doesn't function as it should. Finally after a week of tearing my hair out I cna get on with making some quality VCD's at last!! woo hoo!!!
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