GOAL: Color Correct using TMPGEnc Color correction filter
DOING: encode AVI (Divx) to MPEG-2 DVD compliant format
VERSION: Version 2.520.54.163
RESULT: Works perfectly when ecoding in CBR, but not in VBR-2pass.

COMMENTS: HOLD ON ! I know shouldn't talk about Divx conversion, but this is not the subject and source of the problem.

I did some color correction using the custom color correction filter avaible in TMPGEnc. It worked encoding in CBR, meaning that TMPGenc applied the color correction settings I did (better contrast, ajusted the Hue..etc).

I did the exact same thing BUT instead encoded in VBR-2 pass. TMPGenc did not apply the color correction at all.

Is this a BUG or normal ? I have the impression it is normal.....

thanks !