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  1. Please forgive me for asking but I have a large number of SVCD's burned to CD which have been created using DVD2SVCD Version 1.1.1 Build 2.

    I now wish to convert some of them bach to DVD-R Format, I understand I can Rip the SVCD's using VCDEasy and then use SVCD2DVDMPG to convert the format then burn the VCD using TMPGEnc DVD Author.

    I have purchased the latest version of VCDEasy but can not for the life of me see how to get it to rip direct from a SVCD, can someone please explain.

    Many thanks for your patience.
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    Simply copy your SVCD-MPEG to your hdd form your CD with the explorer, then use the MPEG-Tools in VCD-Easy to convert from "DAT-MPEG" to standard-MPEG. Now you can go ahead with SVCD2DVD or use DVD-lab that can put real SVCD-MPEG on DVD.
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