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  1. I don't believe that this is well known option of how to use Pinnacle Studio version 9 or 8 (I personaly tested only v9) during editing. I discovered this in Pinnacle forum recently and it made me to upgrade my video card to nVidia GeForce FX5200 128MB that supports two monitors.

    If you ever used or saw Pinnacle Studio, I bet that there was a time when you wished that preview window is bigger. In Pinnacle Studio 9 you have an option to expand it to whole screen for previewing but that will not help you during editing. So here are options that I needed to setup to support this function with dual monitor and nVidia driver.

    I hope that it does not need any explanation.

    Hit APPLY here !

    Enjoy !
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  2. Some more guides on how to do this even with ATI card can be found here...
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  3. Thanx, the instructions are clear-but it didn't work with my Studio 8:12. But when I played a Nvidia tutorial I did get full screen on one monitor. In case my vitals don't show up, I'm using a Dell 8300 with the Nvidia 5200 card, 3 gig Pentium 4 HT dual channel 512 mb memory and analog/digital displays. By the way, my Envision 17 in CRT, which seemed plenty bright before, now pales alongside the Dell 1703fp. Is this subjective, or has the brightness dropped? I thought CRTs were supposed to be brighter, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'd appreciate your looking into both problems.
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