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  1. I have been tryiing to get Split Me to split an avi file. The problem is that Split Me needs to have Mencoder in usr/local/bin. When I try to move mencoder to the bin folder, it gives me an error message "bin cannot be modified. In other words, it won't let me move or even copy and paste the program to the bin folder. I tried logging in as root, and that didn't help, because none of my programs are available, or on my desktop, when I am in as root. So my question is how in the world do I get mencoder to usr/local/bin, and where exactly are all these folders. Please bare with me, as I really haven't had my mac that long. By the way I am using OS X 10.2.8. Thx.
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    I have this back form my 10.2 days. Should work for you. Essentially you cant just go in and add folders to that directory directly.

    To install Mencoder, do the following. 
    Download this file:  
    Once is it decompressed, open the terminal and change to the folder you downloaded to.  If it goes to your desktop, it would be: 
    cd ~/desktop/stablebinaries 
    once in that directory, type: 
    sudo cp mencoder /usr/local/bin/ 
    sudo cp mencoder /usr/bin/ 
    You be asked for your password. 
    Then type: 
    Mencoder should be ready for ya.
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