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    I read with interest the thread regarding the perceived problem of newbies constantly re-asking the same questions over and over.
    My simple solution is to create a sub- or interior site which would address more advanced issues.
    This area would not be available to anyone merely stumbling across the site; therefore a 'membership' would have a quantifiable value.
    Simply stated, I am suggesting a nominal one-time membership fee: this would offset the additional cost(s) of the "inner sanctum" as well as provide some probably badly needed cash infusion to the administrators of the site.
    Let's say the fee was $10 US. This will permit the free side of the site to continue operating, while permitting the more advanced users some sorely needed advanced 'nutrition' and avoiding the 'babyfood'. The inner site would be more restrictive regarding multiple posts, etc.
    The 'member' would have free movement, and thereby still have the option of assisting the newbie.
    Currently there are approximately 17,000 'members'
    Worst case scenario: complete failure of this idea and the site pockets $170,000...
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  2. hey i got a better idea.picture this.JUST SKIP THE POST.i amazed at u guys u have gotten so lazy that reading a post is wearing u out.then by all means go 2 another site.and let the people who want 2 share information do their thing.QUIT WHINNING WHAT IS IT COSTING U THIRTY SECONDS???????????????????
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    bravo, ...bravo!!

    Yes, this sales pitch (though all in good intention) insulted
    me something terrible, soon as I read the word "fee"!!
    And, reading the rest made me plumb mad'er!!

    This kind of pitch only belongs to the admin/creator of this
    site, not a third party!! period!! Don't be giving ideas to
    an already good ...great site. FWIW, if I saw that this site
    were to ask for $$, be it $10 or even $2, I'd LEAVE!!! P E R I O D! !
    AND FIND MY ANSWERS ELSEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In fact, this is what leads other people to START their OWN
    help site! ...and I gotta admit, that for a moment, I had that
    thought!! If there is a problem, then, that owner of this site
    see's it and/or will come up with a solution without begging
    for $$. Anyone can start up a site. Heck, maybe i'll start
    mine own up, after reading this. I guess all one needs is a
    good fast connection DSL or Cable and he/she is in business!
    Now, as a programmer, I'd probably hook in or link in some
    sort of database somehow, give or take a few things to work
    out, and maybe there wouldn't be a problem anymore. Well,
    anyway, I didn't think there was really a problem. Even though
    this site has gotten "slightly slow" I don't mind. What's
    important is that we have a place to (free place) to post our
    questions and then get anweres (oh, did I say, free answeres)

    So, please, more of these kinds of offers!

    Thank you!

    PS: oh, yeah, My many thanks to the owner/creator of this great
    nation, I mean site, and those that assist!! he, he..

    PS: sorry for spelling - its at 2am here!

    PS: I was so mad, that I had to revise this post
    3 times! (I hope this doesn't cost me!)

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    17,000 members!?!? WOW!

    hey baldrick, how IS the site doing financially? is it self-supporting yet? or are we just a bunch of selfish deadbeats (no offense intended)?
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    Why not have a "VCD elite" section, like you have to have posted over 200 times or something to get into. One problem though... the same questions will come up again and again. You dont have to read all the newbie posts you know, you can normally tell by the posts header if it is worth reading.
    Free site = 17 000 members.
    $10 site = 17 members.
    What about the tax implications, the payment method?
    Anyways, I couldnt become a member, we use 's in this country.

    Here is a good idea:
    Baldrick, this site apparently has 17 000 "members". How many of them have posted in the last 4 months? All 17 000? I dont think so. Wouldnt it be a good idea to help speed up the database by deleting all those "members" who havent posted in the last say 3 or 4 months? Like you get with Email accounts say from Hotmail. They delete your account if you never use it. You could just "relegate" unactive members to a "resume" status where by they can re-activate their account if they so wish.
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    hitechjunke: As long as I has this great "deal" with will the site be "selfsupporting" webserver in exchange for banners.

    d4n13l: The last 3 months have about 9000 members posted something so I maybe will do some kind of "cleanup".

    about the repeated questions:
    I have recently made the registration a bit more "complicated" to prevent some of those who just post one topic and it's often a "repeated" question.

    To make "sub"forum or something for us "experts/elites" is maybe a good will be viewable for all but only experts can post there...but how do you become an expert? pay??? you take our "video"-test??? you answer x newbie posts??? or is just ideas...and all new ideas are welcome.
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    " To make "sub"forum or something for us "experts/elites" is maybe a good will be viewable for all but only experts can post there...but how do you become an expert? pay??? you take our "video"-test??? you answer x newbie posts??? or is just ideas...and all new ideas are welcome. "

    Hmmmm - NO sounds "elitist" to me

    I am certainly NO expert at VCD , that is why i read the ramblings .My goal is to make the BEST xVCD of my home movies and I am 95% there.

    BUT , I do know how to...........
    - READ A "HOW TO"
    - use an internet search engine
    - build a computer
    - 'RIP' a .vob off a DVD
    - 'find' the right program for the task !

    - O ! did i say read "HOW TO" and F.A.Q

    Does this make me less elite ???

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  8. A quiz is definately NOT the way to go. What I like about this site is that it's multipurpose... people who want to rip DVDs can do that, people who want to capture from a VHS can do that, people who want info about DivX can get that, people who want video clips for on their computer can do that. There's such a wealth of information here, it's craziness. And I don't think an "elite" person has to know how to do everything... I understand the stuff I need to know really well, but I have no interest in learning about DivX. And that's my personal preference.

    I don't believe helping newbies is the way to do it either. That'll just build more and more BS questions for people to reach an elite level. Same with basing it on number of posts.

    There should be a way when a person asks a question, it searches the question for information... for example, if it finds the words "PS2 PlayStation 2 VCD" together in a post, the board will prompt you "Are you asking if the PlayStation 2 will play your VCD?", and then if the person is looking for that, they can click that to get their information. If not, then they can post the question. That'll eliminate some of the questions people ask when they don't search for an answer or look in the guides. People who avoid this system and still post already answered questions can have their posting priviledges lifted for a week. Just an idea.
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  9. Y don't u write an AI code that when some1 post a repeated topic, it filters and flashes "It's been asked already." and show's the old post. That should reduce the questions.

    I'm new and I don't mind helping out other newbies. Just correct me if I'm wrong about something, so I can learn more.
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    Some kind of ai-code solution might be good but I think it would be very difficult to make it work with satisfied results...but with some help coding...
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  11. You can try what other fourms call a sticky. It is a permanent post that stays on top of every forum section that only moderaters can post to for newbies. The sticky can be tailored for each section. DVD rip, etc...In that sticky, you can link to different faqs, how to's and stuff. Hopefully new posters will read the sticky first.

    Subject could be something "Newbies Look here first"

    Or make a link on the new post link pointing to the search page. Saying something like before posting, try the search. And then have the link for actually posting a new post on that page. Might be a headache for regulars but might keep the same questions from being asked.

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    A 'sticky' sounds like a good idea.

    AI code is a good 'idea'... but the problem would be its lack of human judgement. What would you use as a basis to know if the question is a repeat? I mean you would have to scan the entire post itself, headings would be no good as people will just re-word it somehow or give an ambiguous sentence. This would be a very difficult programming task. I dont really think that there is a simple solution to this, why not just let people answer repeat posts if they want to do so? Double posting is easier to combat, but scanning posts to try and determine if it has already been asked is just more trouble than it is worth. Also, the question may be a repeated question, but time moves forward, there may be new software solutions, new links, new developments etc... Say for instance you may be able play a vcd on a ps2.
    If you lift someones posting privelliges then what is to stop them just acquiring a new user name?
    The best course of action to take is someone simply posting a "RTFG" - Read The Fuc**ng Guides! Or just ignore the post. It will disappear quickly enough if no one replies.

    Regarding the idea of a sub forum, here is a good idea:
    You have another forum entitled say... "Elite" (
    Ok, Ok, a better title for the forum would be "expert", the opposite of "newbie". But, "elite" does have a certain 'ring' to it...

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