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  1. NV4X generation has MPEG 1,2,4 encode/decode

    Next generation video support

    By Fuad Abazovic: Thursday 04 March 2004, 19:07

    NVIDIA'S NV40 is not going to be just fast in shaders and pixels, it will have some additional features that will be interesting to anybody that messes with Video.
    The video capabilities of NV40 are quite something.

    It seems that all NV4X generation of cards will feature very attractive video options.

    Nvidia wants to promote NV4X generation of chips as the ones with high quality video, complete and ready for HDTV and PVR.

    High quality video will brought motion adaptive de-interlacing, high quality scaling and filtering, good old video de-blocking and integrated TV encoder.

    As for HDTV, Nvidia claims Transport stream handling, HDTV output (720p, 1080p, 480p CGMS) and HDCP - High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection as well as HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface support.

    The PVR part is the most interesting as Nvidia claims that the NV4X generation will have support for no more and no less then MPEG 1/2/4 encode and decode as well as WMV9 decode acceleration.

    This means that all decoding and encoding operation previously done by software and very CPU dependant will be able to be processed on NV4X chips. We are not aware specifically how Nvidia plans to do that but it sounds promising.

    NV40's introduction is just weeks away.
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  2. Sounds nice! Does the MPEG4 encoding/decoding mean it'll work with MPEG4 hacks like DivX and XviD too?
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    Originally Posted by zilog_jones
    Sounds nice! Does the MPEG4 encoding/decoding mean it'll work with MPEG4 hacks like DivX and XviD too?
    Still very much up in the air a this point from what I gather.

    Remember however that from what little I've seen its encode and decode speeds assisted by the card, not an actual hardware encoder. At least thats what I got from the stuff I've read online.

    How is it possible? I dunno, but if Apple can offload part of their GUI processing to the video card why not some video encoding also.
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